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Happy Holiday Spa Specials
                        HAND THERAPIES @ Relaxing Solutions Spa

Wonderful Spa Treatments For Your HandsBiolight Anti-Aging Facial for the Hands (30 min) $60
The ultimate featuring Biolight Brightening Glyco-Sea Peel to remove dead skin cells, a European seaweed mask to dramatically tone & firm plus a Biolight Brightening Corrector to reduce sun & age spots
Express Anti-Aging Facial for the Hands (20 min) $40
Get your spa fix in a snap!  Biolight Brightening Glyco-Sea Peel to reveal healthy, glowing skin.  A Hydro-Moisture Masque to soothe, hydrate, nourish  and provide anti-oxidant protection
On-The-Go Facial for the Hands (15 min) $25
Your express ticket to younger looking hands!  Experience an express Biolight Brightening Glyco-Sea Peel to help remove dead skin cells and reveal glowing skin. Finish with the Biolight Brightening Body Corrector to reduce sun & age spots

Add on Hot Stones For Hands  $10

Paraffin or Scrub for Hands  $20                                         
                     FOOT TREATMENTS @ Relaxing Solutions Spa

Relaxing Foot TreatmentSpa Reflexology (30/60 min) $40/$70
A deep relaxing foot massage applying pressure to specific reflex points of the feet 
Cooling Pedi-Massage (30 min) $45
This treatment rewards those hard-working legs and feet with a soothing foot soak and exfoliating mask and moisturizing treatment.
Hot Stone Pedi-Massage (45 min) $55
In addition to a Cooling Pedi-Polish smooth warm stones are then massaged on your feet and calves, rubbing out tension in an experience like no other. 
Finally a silky lotion is applied leaving you invigorated.
Paraffin or Scrub for Feet  $20