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rose for couples
Couples Hot Stone (60 min) $170 per couple
Couples Swedish (30/45/60 min) $95/$120/145 per couple
Enjoy a great relaxing Swedish massage in our room reserved just for you. 
You and your special someone lay side by side with your own massage therapist
Couples Deep Tissue (30/45/60 min) $105/$130/$155 
per couple
Enjoy a wonderful Deep Tissue massage to address a deeper layer of tissue for chronic and acute pain.  You and your special someone lay side by side with your own massage therapist 
Wonderful  Therapeutic Massagesiman massage for fall

Herbal Poultice (80 min) $125
This full body relaxing massage is combined with a targeted steamed Thai herbal compress massage. Picture the warm herbal compress kneading all the stress from your body.  Perfect treatment for anyone suffering from arthritis pain, joint inflammation, muscle aches and pains and fibromyalgia. Feel the relief of a deep tissue massage without the deep tissue pressure

Lomi Lomi (75/90 min) $95/$115
This ancient Hawaiian massage is given in fluid, rhythmic motions working with the body’s natural rhythm and flow.  Feel blissfully relaxed with the benefits continuing long after the massage.
Warm Bamboo Massage (60 min) $85
A therapeutic massage that gets rid of even the most stubborn knots and muscle tension.The warmth of the bamboo penetrates deeply into the muscles to decrease spasm and relieve stress.  Pain and tension melt away.
Hot Stone Massage (60/75 min) $85/$105
Smoothed warmed basalt stones annoited with essential oils are placed on key energy points of the body, to balance the mind, body and soul. The deep penetrating heat of the stones is combined with massage and aromatherapy techniques to release muscular tension.
Raindrop Therapy (60 min) $85
Nine highly therapeutic essential oils are applied like little drops of rain layered along the entire length of the spine followed by a hot stone back massage. 
Helps to release toxin and kills viruses and bacteria that have accumulated in the spine.
Deep Tissue (30/60 min) $45/$75
This massage treatment addresses a deeper layer of tissue for chronic and acute pain.  Loosens tight or injured muscles and increasing range of motion.
Mommy-to-Be & Post Natal Massage (30/60 min) $45/$75
This wonderful massage treatment done on a regular basis offers the expectant mother a safe way to relieve stress and muscle pain. Allows her lie face down on the body Cushion System.
Post natal massage reduces fatigue by assisting in returning circulatory and lymphatic systems back to normal.
Swedish Massage (30/45/60 min) $40/$55/$70
Relax, Unwind! This treatment incorporates a variety of gentle, kneading and smooth gliding strokes improving flexibility and circulation.