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Great Holiday Specials

         Tuscan Wine Therapy                    (75 min)$100 Now $95 

Deluxe spa treatment enriched with real red wine, grape seed extract, and golden olive oil for smooth supple, radiant skin.  Mediterranean Wine and Honey Masque boasts an arsenal of powerful age-fighting antioxidants and natural vitamins.  Chianti & Grapeseed Polish to gently polish skin to a rosy glow.  Baccus Body Oil a light blend of Mediterranean olive oil and red grape seed extract locks in moisture as it pumps the skin full of natural vitamins and antioxidants 

Detoxifying Ginger-Wasabi Masque (60 min) $80 Now $75
Detoxify and enrich your body.  Crushed freshwater pearls brighten as activated charcoal deep-cleans, and pure-ginger stimulates circulation

Seaweed Body Mask (60 min) $80Now $75
Treatment restores vital nutrients, minerals, vitamins and iodine to stimulate, hydrate & tonify.  Includes marine lotion and firming cream for nourishing.

Bamboo & Black Sesame Body Scrub (30 min) $50 Now $45
Crushed Adzuki beans, powdered bamboo, and shitake mushrooms mingle with black sesame seeds and organic oils in  a creamy scrub     that reveals a radiant complexion
Peppermint Sea Twist Wrap (35 min) $50 Now $45 
(60 min) $85 Now $80 
Slimming body wrap that helps contour and firm the body, making this a great treatment for cellulite.  Combines peppermint oil with freshly harvested seaweed to stimulate, rejuvenate, and purify the skin. Available for targeted areas or as a full body treatment.
European Herbal Wrap (60 min) $80 Now $75
Bodywraps For Excessive Fluid Help Rid Toxins
Envision yourself wrapped in warm fragrant linens soaked in a delicate blend of herbs.  Helps to get rid of toxins, excessive fluids and sore muscles. Also Includes scalp massage.
Pomegranate Cran-Apple All Over Body Scrub (30 min)
$50 Now $45
Pure can sugar with potent anti-oxidants derived from organic pomegranate juice.  Natural exfoliate that leaves skin deliciously smooth and delectably radiant
Sea Spa Salt Glow (30 min) $50 Now $45
A natural exfoliate and Dead Sea Salts.  Helps remove dull dry accumulation of dead skin cells.  Leaves your skin feeling energized and refreshed.  Choice of  cellulite, detoxifying, serenity & anti-stress
Honey Body Polish (30 min) $50 Now $45
Blends pure honey, almonds, and oatmeal to create a natural cleanser and exfoliator.  Soothe skin and replenish moisture lost from sun, over-cleansing or travel for fabulous result. Smooth and luxurious skin!
Green Tea & Crushed Rice Body Scrub (30 min) $50Now $45
Crushed rice, great tea extract and leaves, and bamboo powder combine in a Thai-inspired treat that sloughs dead skin cells to reveal fresher, healthier looking skin.            Bamboo & Black Sesame Body Scrub