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Wax Free! Irritation Free! Sugar Free!

Pink Flower Petals

We are a registered Nufree Nudesse Salon. It is the gold standard in hair removal systems. Nufree is a long lasting, natural, safe, soy-based antimicrobial liquid hair removal system that make your skin silky and smooth to the touch. It contains no wax, no sugar and no honey, therefore much gentler on the skin and safe for 98% of the body. It is accompanied by Finipil cream which is applied to the skin after using our hair removal system to improve the skin's appearance and discourages regrowth


More than removing a few unwanted hairs - a well designed brow can actually change the appearance of your entire face 

Brow                                         $20                                                                    

Lip or Chin                                $15 & Up

Sideburns                                 $30 & Up

Face                                          $45 & Up      

Underarms                               $35 & Up      

Half Arms                                 $45 & Up

Full Arms                                  $55 & Up

Chest                                        $60 & Up

Back                                         $70 & Up

Back & Shoulders                    $80 & Up

Bikini                                        $40 & Up

Semi Brazilian                          $60 & Up

Brazilian                                   $70 & Up

Half Legs                                  $50 & Up

Full Legs                                   $85 & Up


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